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White Rock is excited to bring you their Nomad Series Collapsible Floaters in an all new Feeder Drake 4 Pack!

To get deep into the backwoods takes sweat and drive that only certain guys have....which is exactly why you hunt there, right?

 Our Nomad Series Mallard Floaters are a traditional floating duck decoy with our signature White Rock twist. Light weight, unreal durability, spot on realism, and high visibility size. But what really set’s them apart is their ability to COLLAPSE down for storage.

These decoys are made from the same highly detailed oversized molds the Pool 7 Mallards are made from, but we used a lighter weight EVA material and drilled an air vent to give these decoys this one-of-a-kind collapsibility feature. 

Out of the box the keels are un-weighted, but they come with a keel cap that offers you the choice between using them as light weight water keel decoys or filling them with sand to turn them into weighted keel decoys.

The versatility of the Nomad Series decoys is unmatched, and although they are collapsible, maybe the best feature is you don’t always have to use them that way! If you just want the lightest weight decoy possible, with the intense realism and durability these provide, without worrying about the collapsibility….it's easy to fill the back air vent in with hot glue to give you an ultra light, realistic, over-sized decoy that’s highly visible on the water.

White Rock Decoys Nomad Series Mallard floaters are unlike any decoy you’ve ever seen before. So whether you hunt the backwaters, the big waters, or both, bring the life like realism, with more options, to help bag more birds. And no matter your hunting style....always, Be A Nomad.

Each pack contains:
4 Feeder Drakes - 20" x 8"

Weight: 3lbs per 4